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{ Monthly Archives } October 2002

Buffy and math are, like, un-mixy things. buying info: Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis in Java Or not…according to this amusing Amazon parody page, the aforementioned SMG is actually quite a whiz.

Oh really…

Conversation with random resident of my building in elevator Saturday. I was on the way to a Halloween party. White Stetson, cowboy boots, denim, suede, and sheriff’s badge. Celebrating the little-known sub-genre of the music of my people, of course. Random person: Halloween party? Me: How’d you guess? (pause) Random person: Well, maybe you just […]


Army working on three-year sandwich – And to this, I merely say “eeeeuuuww!!”

too much free time : Revolutionary Online Stapler Simulation Should you find yourself with a little free time today but without the desire to engage in higher thought, I recommend this site. Despite my best efforts, I have actually had a fairly productive day thus far. Conversations with opposing counsel, call to the judge’s staff attorney, motion written […]

So sad

Minnesota Senator Is Among 8 Dead in Crash I am so unbelievably sad about this, I don’t even know what to do. Paul Wellstone was one of the few current politicians I actually respected. He was unabashedly, but not unthinkingly, liberal on the issues. He stood up for his principles in the face of withering […]


Actually, it’s not so fabulous today – rather, it’s kind of rainy and cold. Still, I guess it is Autumn after all. So how to stave off the near-winter doldrums? Obviously with a little flash of funky freshness. I give you Baxendale.

Success already.

Screensavers solve protein puzzle Hah! the power of distributed computing delivers results.

Google is the poo.

Yet another reason why Google is the poo.

One-Eyed Girl

Friday night Courtney and I went to see Bawl’mer favorite Mary Prankster. Now there’s a girl who can rock. Apparently our Mary was in Chi-town on a whirlwind CD release tour. I picked up the new release: Tell Your Friends. It’s very very good. You should buy it. Support smart rock. I’ll post photos when […]

tip tap

I hate to say it, but I’m mighty pleased with myself for figuring out how to do the typewriter action thang on the front page of this site. Tickled, really. Now I just have to figure out how to make a seamless, quick, typewriter key noise when you mouse over one of the hotspots…anyone know […]