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Fictional Food

Love love love this.  Obsessive fans with other talents, unite! The Hunger Games. Game of Thrones. The Farmer Boy Cookbook. See?  Now I’m too hungry to blog…

Slow Cooked Surprise

Tonight for dinner: Slow Cooker Surprise.  Actually, it’s not so much a surprise as to what it is, as it will be a surprise as to how it tastes.  I threw in some frozen short ribs and a whole mess of marinade-y seasonings, BBQ sauce, rice wine vinegar, tomato sauce, molasses, a chopped up onion, […]

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Hit more steakhouses when you’re old.

Or something like that. Or, something not really like that at all. But still, a strike into the soft, tender heart of your tofurkey sandwich…

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This week I brought my own coffee mug to work and am now using it when I go downstairs to the Habitrail for caffeine. As a result, I am not buying espresso drinks – just regular java. Simple and eco-friendlier, yes? Little did I know that, by trying to green my life a tiny bit, […]

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Yan can (still) cook

Yan can still cook

Frida’s in Andersonville

Good review for Frida’s in Andersonville

Typhoon in Santa Monica

Just not right. (waterbugs. scorpions. crickets. oh my.)

Gun Egg Fryer

KP’s next breakfast?

Slow Cooker Chili

The Cooker That Is Slow (mmm…chili)

Bad Vegans

I figured out what I ate the other day that decided to stage a murder attack from the inside…a no-sugar, vegan cookie from Whole Foods. What?! How is this possible? What is even inside a no-sugar, vegan cookie? Aren’t they just made from balsa wood and eco-friendly, sustainable thoughts?! How is this possible?!! Vegan cookies, […]