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This is what I now do on Friday nights… Note: My knowledge of Photoshop = Calamity Jane’s knowledge of polite conversation.

Pas de chat

When I was little and my sister and I were totally into ballet, we were also totally into this book.  Seriously – I read it over and over (before I moved on to my Dance Magazine subscription, that is).  Today’s New York Times reveals what happened to the girl in the book.

After the screaming

First there was this: The awesome 3,000 piece puzzle I ordered and have been happily (if slowly) assembling on our increasingly-unavailable dining room table. Then there was this: The monumental (although not unexpected) statement of disrespect. And now, after a burst of screaming and the sound of furry bodies slamming into furniture (which we ignored […]

The Madness of Queen Georgia

As some of you may know, RDC and I recently moved into a new abode together (Hello, RP!).  Not only has this involved the complicated integration of possessions (oh, the books), but it has also involved the even more complicated integration of cats. Feline Number 1: Fearless D. Feline No. 2: Georgia L. (this is […]



So, this morning on the Purple Line, I spent my endless commute creating lists. Two, to start: this week’s grocery list and a Book List. The grocery list is overdue, as I have been trapped in the cycle of thinking “we need more xyz” and then promptly forgetting to order xyz for weeks now, but […]