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My new obsession

The Chicago Police Radio Scanner.  My preferred flavor is Zone 11 (Districts 20 and 24).  It’s surprisingly relaxing, especially if you just tune into your own geographic area (although then it’s also intermittently alarming). You’d think that the scanner would just be full of crime and Terrible Things, but actually, it’s full of amazing glimpses […]

Another reason why Chicago’s Intelligentsia coffee rawks

Goodbye crazed venti people.

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4th Almost-Annual Pride Weekend Scavenger Hunt!

Originally uploaded by Mirandala It’s in the bag. Put a rainbow-tinted fork in this year’s Pride Weekend Scavenger Hunt. The competition was fierce and fun and the judges salute all the participants for their energy and creativity! However, in the words of the Highlander, “in the end, there can be only one!!!” Er, except for […]

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