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Reasons I would like to be a vampire: *snick* – that is the noise my fangs would make when I extend them.  Beware the *snick*!  It precedes the open-mouth-wide-throw-head-back-sink-fangs-into-you maneuver. The power of aging.  As in “I’m twice your age and have double the power you have.  Stand down, baby vamp!”  Seriously – how nice […]


Heaven knows I’m miserable now

Buffy wears heels to the final battle. Not gonna review the episode here (Boils & Blinding Torment has a full take-down of the ep (plus, they’ve got a great domain name)). Just gonna say that it was poignant and too short and cheesy and full of vague wicca-powered feminism. And that, true to form, no […]

You’re looking for your distance and, sensing my resistance, you had to do your will.

Whedonesque marks the End of Slays. bids Buffy bye-bye. E! Online hosts a Farewell Buffy bash. Joss Whedon answers questions about Buffy. Round-up of’s Buffy coverage. As many of you know, Buffy the Vampire Slayer takes a final bow tonight on UPN (7pm CST). Series finale. Game over. I’ve decided to take this […]

Oh I’m bad, baby; I’ve always been bad…

Ok. It’s all Tejal’s fault. “Let’s go see Ghost of the Robot,” she said. “James Marsters is in it!” (James Marsters is, for the uninitiated, the actor who plays Spike on the soon-to-be-no-more Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) So a few clicks of the mouse later, tickets were purchased. By the way, have I mentioned lately […]

Stretching our youth as we must, until we are ashes to dust

Season finale of Angel last night. Possibly the series finale, too, if the WB doesn’t pick it up for next year. In case you’re not up-to-date on the Buffy-verse – Angel is the Buffy spin-off series, featuring Angel, the vampire with a soul (long story short: used to be evil, cursed by gypsies with a […]

Buffy Go Away. Me Sad. – Put a stake in it: Gellar leaving ‘Buffy’ Pointed (pointed! get it?! get it?! oh, never mind.) out by Kelly this morning. Of course, Buffyverse citizens have long awaited this sad, but inevitable news. Understandable, I suppose. Seven years is a long time for such a complex and original show. If ER and […]

All together now, aawww…

Wesley & Willow sittin’ in a tree… We take a break from the Wonderful World of the Outpatient Prospective Payment System to take note of the now-public engagement of Alexis Denisof (Wesley, of Angel) and Alyson Hannigan (Willow, of Buffy). Ok. You may resume your non-Buffy-related lives now.

Dear Diary: “Grr. Aargh.”

The First’s Journal Public Service Announcement: If you’re not a Buffy fan, or if you’re not caught up this season, please avert your eyes. Thank you. Anyway, just thought that all you Buffy fans would be amused by this link to the First Evil’s very own blog. Most excellent. A sample: Should really stake annoying […]

Buffy and math are, like, un-mixy things. buying info: Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis in Java Or not…according to this amusing Amazon parody page, the aforementioned SMG is actually quite a whiz.