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Read This.

Just a tech/geek note. We are giving a shout out this week to Google Reader (you’ll need a google/gmail account to use this), the latest in the RSS feed reader utilities available for your browsing pleasure. Google Reader has a nice, easy-to-use interface and a great, dynamic preview pane. Load it up with all of […]

Whatchoo listening tooooo?

Recently re-discovered the site. You can create a user account (free), download a free plugin, install, fire up your music player of choice, and insta-matically start updating the service with your listening statistics – last track played, artist most played, etc. Why would you want to do this? Because it’s a theme social […]

Mission Mobilize

Mobile blogging system back up and running! Got a new Sidekick, so blogging is once again unleashed into the world at large. Perhaps no one but us is entertained by this development, but frankly that’s enough. W00t! Or whatever the techie kids are saying these days.


Friday. Before a holiday weekend. Clearly time to do some Wikipedia research. Wikipedia has everything, you know. Seriously. Everything. Here are some links to some quality research. Die Smurfen. Blind Pigs. Brynmawr in Blaenau Gwent, Wales. Wontons. Luminol. Lacrosse. Turkish Delight. Tibetan Terriers (the best dogs EVER). York, PA. Benzedrex.

Who are you?

My Heritage is an intriguing genealogy website (still in beta) that features a face-recognition system. The system is still being developed, but the part of the site that’s live right now takes photos you upload and attempts to match them to photos in a database of 2,400 celebrities. It’s an interesting experiment, but judging from […]

Backpack It!

So, I use Backpack. May I suggest that you check it out, too? It’s a handy-dandy little web-based way to organize your life. I use it to keep lists and notes on holiday presents, movies I want to see, sites I want to remember to visit, grocery lists, wines I want to try, books I […]

More ways to {heart} TiVo

Now you can record things on TiVo through Yahoo‘s TV listings. Cool!

How to Procrastinate, Part Eighty-Four

Encyclopedia of Chicago Gapers Block Television Without Pity Flickr Fantasy Basketball Kingdom of Loathing Get Your War On


You may have noticed that the blog is missing a couple of days. That’s because we moved the site to a new host last night and ended up using a data backup that wasn’t absolutely current. Oh well. Only a couple of days lost. No biggie. We’re also still in the process of moving data […]

Postcards from Mexico

[Girlyman lyrics = 1]