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Lazy Saturday

Well, not actually that lazy. I’ve already made chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes and am in the middle of baking bread. Ok, the bread machine is baking the bread. But that counts, too! And, yes, I totally missed yesterday, but clearly it was because I was celebrating Veterans Day.  I’m patriotic and service-minded like that.  So […]


So, this morning on the Purple Line, I spent my endless commute creating lists. Two, to start: this week’s grocery list and a Book List. The grocery list is overdue, as I have been trapped in the cycle of thinking “we need more xyz” and then promptly forgetting to order xyz for weeks now, but […]



Nifty tool to compare quotes from the candidates on any number of topics.


Flickr Founders Leave

Hoping this does not bode ill.

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You are on PMOG

PMOG (sort-of passive gaming)

I am not buying an iPhone.

At least not anytime soon. We’ll see what the second gen looks like. Also, I don’t want to switch to AT&T. And who needs to listen to music on a phone anyway? Still, I’m a little jealous of the new gadget honeymoon period…


Shout out to our early adopter readers (hmm, or is that just Court & me?). I’ve been trying out the beta version of Joost, a sort of weird internet/tv hybrid (click here for a fun little explanation page). I have no idea why it’s called “Joost.” Besides being a homonym for “juiced,” it sort of […]

New Engine for the Blog

Whew. Just updated the blog’s operating system (otherwise known as WordPress) – to WordPress 2.1, the Ella release. Always feel a bit nervous when I’m working under the hood like that, since I know just enough about this blog thing to be dangerous. So far, all looks to be ok. I’ll be keeping my fingers […]

One of the coolest things we’ve seen all year

Jeff Han’s Touch-Driven Computer Screen. Seriously. This is totally the future.


So, a while ago I got a message from the people at Schmap saying that they were picking a bunch of my photos from our Philly trip to include in Schmap’s guide to Philadelphia. Color me a) confused; and b) flattered. Anyway – Schmap is actually a nifty little widget-y thing that offers downloadable city […]