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Kim Ng

Kim Ng rocks



Hey! Check it out. I broke my first board at karate last night. With my elbow. Woot! Why was I breaking boards with my elbow? Because I’m practicing tameshiwari for the Thousand Waves Spirit Challenge. What is the Spirit Challenge, you ask? It’s a fundraiser that helps the Thousand Waves Seido karate dojo continue its […]

We did it!

We survived the MS Tour de Farms! So it rained the entire first day…so there were massive headwinds the entire second day…whatever! We powered through it and now we’re sore and tired – but victorious! Photos here. P.S. We also survived our disgusting Travelodge room in Dekalb. Seriously. Don’t stay there.

150 Miles of Ouch

For those who don’t know (because I haven’t hit them up for $$), this weekend I (and blogbuddies Courtney and Betsy) will be cycling 150 miles for charity. We are doing the MS Tour. If you’ve already sponsored me for this tour, thank you!! If I hit you up for $$ and you just haven’t […]

Poor Bears

Sad bear Originally uploaded by Timmy Toucan. Maybe next year?

Go Bears!!

That is all.

Who says turtles are slow?

Wanted to give a shout-out to the women’s basketball team from Maryland—the Terps are the new NCAA Champions!! Although the Women’s NCAA Tournament doesn’t get the attention the men’s program does, their championship game was much more exciting than the Florida/UCLA men’s final on Monday night. There shouldn’t be a championship game or series without […]

Put me in, coach – I’m ready to play today; look at me, I can be [right]field….

I must comment on the trade of Sosa to The Orioles. This one threw me for a loop. I really never expected the O’s to pick up the Cub who has fallen so far from his glory days when he and Mark McGwire were chasing Roger Maris’ homerun record…and I am a life-long Baltimore Orioles […]

Go Sox!! Er, RED Sox!!

UPDATE: I’m only an occasional baseball fan. And when I do follow the game – it’s mostly for the Os. So, why do I give a hoot about this year’s ALCS thing? What makes me care about Boston? I’ve never even been to Boston. Four words: I hate the Yankees. Overpaid, arrogant, spotlight-hogging SOBs. So, […]

Damn Yankees (or, c’mon, Red Sox, you are our only hope…)

I am been rooting for the Red Sox throughout the ALCS. With the addition of the Wild Card team in the playoffs, the Red Sox and Yankees again have the opportunity to play one another in the pennant race. I believe that the Wild Card concept is fair, as the American League East has been […]