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Yes we can.

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Nifty tool to compare quotes from the candidates on any number of topics.


The Dwindling Giant Pool of Money

If you don’t understand how we got here, listening to this might help. I listened to it twice.

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You tell ’em, Hill.

I voted for Hillary in the Illinois primary. I believe in most of her campaign positions and I believe that she will work to achieve them no matter what position she holds. I believe that she believes. I also believe that she had to put up with a lot of crap from pundits and media […]

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My current political thoughts

I like Hillary, but I find her consistently disappointing. I almost-like Obama, but I find him consistently annoying. The end. P.S. Dennis, my hobbitous friend, I miss you. I miss you, too, Pretty John. P.P.S. Governor Moonbeam, I miss you most of all…

Charles Barkley

Crooks and Liars »I’d vote for Sir Charles

I Voted.

And I feel Super. Thanks for asking. Even though my little Dennis took his Elven friends and went back to The Shire, and my next sort-of choice, Mr. Hair went home, too, I still voted. For Hill. Of course, I also voted for Governor Moonbeam back in 1992…

Coulter: I’ll Vote For Clinton

Oh Ann… (Coulter says she’ll vote for Hillary over McCain)

Obama Says It Was a Turn

Turn vs. Snub (Is this seriously what we’re talking about now?)

Mary Cheney: evil? Or really evil?

Mary Cheney is pregnant Dan Savage defends Mary’s right to have a child. Mary Cheney defends her right to have a child. Dan Savage rips Mary a new one