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I’m F*cking Matt Damon


New Match Game

Good news for Courtney!

Random Thoughts

My Muppet was robbed. This is the fatal flaw of American Idol. Gazillions may watch it, but the overwhelming majority of people who vote are teenage girls. Teenage girls believe they have nothing in common with Melinda, who is so, so, ancient – at 29 years old. They identify with Jordan, who, in case you […]

Recent doings

Saw this movie yesterday. It’s really good. But be prepared for some sad moments. I give it three stars and two soggy paws. Also, Kal Penn, one of the stars of the movie has a blog. Or his assistant does. One of the two. Also seen recently: The Lives of Others. Excellent film – totally […]

Injustice in the Key of Lady

According to, Sanjaya has received the third highest vote count for last night’s Idol performance and will be safe from elimination this week. What?! How is this possible? Here are some of his American Idol clips. Watch (if you can bear it) and judge for yourself. People. This is a conspiracy if I ever […]

Heroes of Hair

So, Kittyteef and I are big fans of the TV show, “Heroes.” It is doing its level best to fill the aching, Buffy/Angel-sized hole in my TV-watching heart, and I appreciate that. Have you seen this show? It is excellent. Also, one of the stars is Mr. Natalie Maines. Anyway, Kittyteef and I were chatting […]

Good Morning!

On my way home from work this evening I happened to notice a rather large, bus side advertisement for Good Morning America. It was a photo of the GMA team from the waist up in a happy smiling line of joy. They each have their arms draped across the adjacent anchors shoulders. That is, except […]

Big Time

Wow. Over in the comments section of 10 Reasons Why I Hate the L Word we seem to be attracting a small amount of crazy. If random people are wishing death on me through the blog, does that mean we’ve finally hit the big time? I don’t know whether I should be flattered or whether […]


Color us excited! (in a should-be-ashamed-but-have-decided-not-to-be-ashamed-cuz- this-show-is-totally-awesome way) UPDATE: The show was awesome! Totally satisfying. We are happy SYTYCD viewers today – although we are also deafer from the endless screaming of 12-year-old girls. And we are weirded out by the fact that the front row of the theater was filled with 45-year-old mom-types. Also, […]


After a series of unfortunate “incidents” I feel it may once again be time for my t.v. to go bye-bye for a while. First, some history, a few years ago I went cold turkey for an entire year without the benefit/distraction of television. Then, my brother gave me a t.v. for Christmas, I made it […]