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2 recaps! Chili Snore-Off & Dinner with the KKK

Ok, so I’ve missed recapping a few episodes of Top Chef…in my defense, I’ve been really busy…and the last few episodes of Top Chef have been really boring.  For reals, people! How can you disappoint two of the nicest, muppetous Top Chef Masters contestants ever?!  Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Miliken, we love you. So […]


Goodbye Beard Papa

Oh Top Chef.  Welcome back.  Like an old friend who shows up one day after a long absence, you have returned with all your eye rolls, under-the-bus-throwing, seriously-ill-conceived vittles, and crazy judge faces.  Hi! I am strangely compelled by this creature.  Why TWO pairs of glasses?  Why is your hairline so low?  What is up […]

Top Chef Recapish 2: Bubble Tea

So, this whole start-off elimination thing where they bring in 29 chef-persons and then immediately haze them and PYKAG (pack your knives and go) 13 of them – it’s annoying.  It’s especially annoying that they actually force six of the 13 to go through another elimination round.  These six have been told that they’re “on […]

Top Chef Recapish

Ok, so the never ending quandary of What to Blog About leads me here: a sort-of recap of the most recent Top Chef episode. And by “recap,” I mean “chat about stuff I remember from the episode.” I watch Top Chef (and have from the beginning) because the people on it have skillz. They’re good […]

Shark jumped so long ago…onto tiger jumping.

Haha! Synopsis of this week’s Law & Order SVU episode by Forum Poster Francie Nolan on the TWOP Boards: “Pretty blonde wannabe model (who has a twin!) sidelining as an animal smuggler and tiger maulings and evil Russian dude who eats the tiger and shitty rappers getting devoured by hyenas (except for his Bling!) and […]

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Gawker Q&A with Joss Whedon

As if we need one more reason why Whedon Rules

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J.J. Abrams to Produce Mystery

Really, J.J.?


I not dead.

Two dead-related items. 1) I just started watching “Dead Like Me.” I am really digging it. Why did I not watch this before? It has a snarky “Wonderfalls” vibe. Or did Wonderfalls have a snarky Dead Like Me vibe? Hmm… Anyway. Grim reapers, disaffected characters, fun dialogue, and, weirdly enough, Jasmine Guy. There’s also supposed […]

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$240 Worth of Pudding

whence came my law school nickname.

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Programming Alert

CW and I are obsessed with the television show “Intervention.” The premise of the show is that addicts of all kinds are forced to confront their addictions and offered the chance to go to rehab. It’s a fascinating show. Intense and alarming. Kittyteef and I have come up with a way to make it better. […]