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Old Navy, New Disappointment

Kittyteef: I just got back from the dismal selection of pants at Old Navy. Mirandala: Oh, Old Navy. Consistently disappointing. Kittyteef: It used to be so good! With a large selection of work pants. Now it looks like romper room. Mirandala: Old Navy t-shirts. So flimsy. Kittyteef: Good for sleeping though. Mirandala: That is how […]


Lazy Saturday

Well, not actually that lazy. I’ve already made chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes and am in the middle of baking bread. Ok, the bread machine is baking the bread. But that counts, too! And, yes, I totally missed yesterday, but clearly it was because I was celebrating Veterans Day.  I’m patriotic and service-minded like that.  So […]


Tired. Going to bed. Blogging postponed. See ya tomorrow.


Does it count as a post if I post that I’ll post something more tomorrow? Hmm… Wait. My blog, my rules. It counts. Later, peeps!

NaBloPoMo. Worst name ever.

So, Darx suggested that we do NaBloPoMo together this year. After much thought, and despite the fact that it sounds like a particularly chewy maki roll, I decided to do it. This means that, in honor of Darx and the Day of the Dead, this blog will rise again – at least for the month […]


Pluto in Capricorn

Who knew?! Darcy knew.

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I not dead.

Two dead-related items. 1) I just started watching “Dead Like Me.” I am really digging it. Why did I not watch this before? It has a snarky “Wonderfalls” vibe. Or did Wonderfalls have a snarky Dead Like Me vibe? Hmm… Anyway. Grim reapers, disaffected characters, fun dialogue, and, weirdly enough, Jasmine Guy. There’s also supposed […]

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Random Bits

1. My horoscope for today: unnecessarily suggestive. You may want to do something memorable with your friends today, and you could gain a lot by going out and getting wild. Just make sure that you are with people you trust before letting go of your regular inhibitions. Giving yourself permission to go beyond your usual […]

video game controller

Sometimes my home town sucks more than usual