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World’s Tallest Man Pulls Plastic from Dolphin Tummies!

A heartwarming story for the holiday season. Isn’t it nice that the world’s tallest man is using the world’s longest arms for good? Check out the story here.

I didn’t know these were sold anymore…

100% Cotton Flannel Practical Housecoat for Indoor Chores You’ll look forward to cooler days when you can slip into this 100% cotton flannel housecoat, with its convenient three-quarter sleeves and knee length, to do your household chores. The perfect weight to fend off a chill, the soft flannel is yarn-dyed to maintain its gingham colors. […]

Due ponte

Like my friend Collene over at Wordsmifs , I too am sometimes taken at the utter lack of consistency in signage. Just as there are various ways to represent “DeLuxe” at diners and elsewhere, in Wilmington the most famous surname of all is written every which way. During my stay here in Wilmington, I have […]

Charles Lindbergh, Bob Hope and Reese Witherspoon Slept Here

I am going on a business trip this week—to Wilmington, Delaware. As long as a client is paying for it, the only place to stay in Wilmington is the Hotel du Pont. I was researching the history of the hotel (mainly to find out the degree of high-speed connectivity) and found out that their advertised […]

And the Winner is…

Okay, you can stop refreshing your screen…we are here to announce the winners of the Third Annual Pride Weekend Scavenger Hunt!!! The judges were impressed and quite often amused with the submissions by the four teams. Congratulations to all who participated!! We wish we could make you all winners, but there can be only one […]

I Am Alone in a Hotel Room Tonight…

Okay, so I have used this title (or a slight variation) before… Two unfortunate things have happened during my travels the last couple of weeks. 1. When flying from San Jose, California Eastbound last week, I forgot to bring any reading materials. I thought I’d just enjoy the free movie. It was ‘Big Momma’s House […]

Happy Easter!

We know that some of you out there love meerkats. As an Easter treat, here is a picture of a meerkat with something from his Easter basket. Here’s hoping your Easter eggs weren’t filled with meal worms… Worm-filled fun A meerkat reaches for an Easter egg containing meal worms at the London Zoo on Thursday. […]

Who says turtles are slow?

Wanted to give a shout-out to the women’s basketball team from Maryland—the Terps are the new NCAA Champions!! Although the Women’s NCAA Tournament doesn’t get the attention the men’s program does, their championship game was much more exciting than the Florida/UCLA men’s final on Monday night. There shouldn’t be a championship game or series without […]

From Miserable to Floating Away in a Valley of Lavender…

A plug for the miracle (over the counter!) drug, BENZEDREX…once, we feared this would be pulled from the shelves, but with fancy new packaging, it thankfully looks like this nasal relief is here to stay. I have never been one for nasal sprays—was prescribed some by allergists over the years, but it did not clear […]

Milk, bread, toilet paper, corned beef and cabbage…

As we Chicagoans rush to the grocery store to stock up on staples to prepare for the predicted snowstorm, be sure to add those St. Patrick’s Day staples: CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE!!! Even if it’s a reuben or corned beef and cabbage in the slow cooker, March 17th is the day to enjoy it…