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Old Navy, New Disappointment

Kittyteef: I just got back from the dismal selection of pants at Old Navy. Mirandala: Oh, Old Navy. Consistently disappointing. Kittyteef: It used to be so good! With a large selection of work pants. Now it looks like romper room. Mirandala: Old Navy t-shirts. So flimsy. Kittyteef: Good for sleeping though. Mirandala: That is how […]


Happy 2013!

Happy 2013! Here’s to opposition parties joining together for the betterment of all in the coming year.

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This is what I now do on Friday nights… Note: My knowledge of Photoshop = Calamity Jane’s knowledge of polite conversation.

2 recaps! Chili Snore-Off & Dinner with the KKK

Ok, so I’ve missed recapping a few episodes of Top Chef…in my defense, I’ve been really busy…and the last few episodes of Top Chef have been really boring.  For reals, people! How can you disappoint two of the nicest, muppetous Top Chef Masters contestants ever?!  Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Miliken, we love you. So […]


Goodbye Beard Papa

Oh Top Chef.  Welcome back.  Like an old friend who shows up one day after a long absence, you have returned with all your eye rolls, under-the-bus-throwing, seriously-ill-conceived vittles, and crazy judge faces.  Hi! I am strangely compelled by this creature.  Why TWO pairs of glasses?  Why is your hairline so low?  What is up […]

Pas de chat

When I was little and my sister and I were totally into ballet, we were also totally into this book.  Seriously – I read it over and over (before I moved on to my Dance Magazine subscription, that is).  Today’s New York Times reveals what happened to the girl in the book.

My new obsession

The Chicago Police Radio Scanner.  My preferred flavor is Zone 11 (Districts 20 and 24).  It’s surprisingly relaxing, especially if you just tune into your own geographic area (although then it’s also intermittently alarming). You’d think that the scanner would just be full of crime and Terrible Things, but actually, it’s full of amazing glimpses […]

After the screaming

First there was this: The awesome 3,000 piece puzzle I ordered and have been happily (if slowly) assembling on our increasingly-unavailable dining room table. Then there was this: The monumental (although not unexpected) statement of disrespect. And now, after a burst of screaming and the sound of furry bodies slamming into furniture (which we ignored […]

Worked Late

No post today. Back tomorrow, C*cks*ckers! (ok, watching a little too much Deadwood perhaps (can there really be too much Deadwood? (no)))

Top Chef Recapish 2: Bubble Tea

So, this whole start-off elimination thing where they bring in 29 chef-persons and then immediately haze them and PYKAG (pack your knives and go) 13 of them – it’s annoying.  It’s especially annoying that they actually force six of the 13 to go through another elimination round.  These six have been told that they’re “on […]