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I not dead.

Two dead-related items.

1) I just started watching “Dead Like Me.” I am really digging it. Why did I not watch this before? It has a snarky “Wonderfalls” vibe. Or did Wonderfalls have a snarky Dead Like Me vibe? Hmm… Anyway. Grim reapers, disaffected characters, fun dialogue, and, weirdly enough, Jasmine Guy. There’s also supposed to be a movie version coming out at some point.

2) The new Bigfoot book is out!! Very exciting. Smash with log, maybe rock.

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  1. RSLS | June 12, 2008 at 6:20 pm | Permalink

    Dead Like Me movie – yaay! But Desmond replacing Rube? That will be a new vibe. Now let’s get a Wonderfalls movie.

    *Destroy Gretchen. Destroy her! RAAARRGGH!*

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