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CW and I are obsessed with the television show “Intervention.” The premise of the show is that addicts of all kinds are forced to confront their addictions and offered the chance to go to rehab. It’s a fascinating show. Intense and alarming.

Kittyteef and I have come up with a way to make it better.

me: that show ‘intervention’ is fascinating
Chicken: it gives me anxiety
me: i’m waiting for some more interesting addictions. enough drugs and alcohol where’s the sex addiction? where are the glue sniffers? where are the ANIMAL COLLECTORS?
Chicken: yes!!!!
me: i want to see an episode with people who have a house full of schnoodles and cockatoos. but only schnoodles and cockatoos.
Chicken: what about kittens? no kittens?
me: no kittens
Chicken: DAMN IT! what about a schneagle?
me: no schneagles. just schnoodles and cockatoos. hundreds of them.
Chicken: i would watch that episode. and talk about it for years to come
me: and maybe a multi-year collection of thousands of subscriptions to good housekeeping. and a hoarder-addict who only eats ramen and cracklin’ oat bran.
Chicken: and drinks red bull
me: that would be the most awesome episode of ‘intervention’ ever.
Chicken: or we could start filling a condo with hypo-allergenic animals!
me: hairless cats on every available surface
Chicken: YES
me: mewing, hairless, wrinkly kitties EVERYWHERE
Chicken: my god a sea of skin
me: and whiskers. like living in a world of horse noses
Chicken: and they would all be named Mr.Pickles

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