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No sympathy for the devil

This year’s bonuses at Cravath:

Class of 2006: Year end 35K, special 10K
Class of 2005: Year end 40K, special 15K
Class of 2004: Year end 45K, special 20K
Class of 2003: Year end 50K, special 30K
Class of 2002: Year end 55K, special 40K
Class of 2001: Year end 60K, special 50K
Class of 2000: Year end 65K, special 50K

Keep in mind that most fresh-out-of-law-school private practice associates are worthless until at least year 3…

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  2. LD | December 18, 2007 at 11:16 pm | Permalink

    this website scares me….when I tried to get back to mirandala it never brought me there…it just kept refreshes its home page….eerie

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