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See Dee?

The CD has been around since 1982. Of course, I don’t know anyone who actually had a CD player in 1982, do you? I only knew one person in college who had a CD player (Tracy, I’m looking at you) – and, actually, I only remember CDs even being available for sale in stores around 1990 or so. Most my college friends were still buying cassette tapes through evil Columbia House or down at Plastic Fantastic in Ardmore, PA. Besides, at the time, CDs still came in the long boxes because record stores couldn’t be bothered to change their storage bins to fit them. Also, they were way more expensive than cassettes.

I got my first CD player as a college graduation present from my parents. I’m sort of embarrassed to say what my first CD was. I mean, at the time, I had a ridiculous tape collection (I think I counted during senior year and it was well over 250 tapes) – and they pretty much spanned the genres. But what did I pick for my first CD?

Mandy Patinkin’s Dress Casual.

I’m so not kidding, people.

What was your first CD?

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