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Give a little bit.

Kiva - loans that change lives
I got notice today that $109.00 has been paid on the loan taken out by Tienda Voluntad de Dios. I got notice because I’m one of the people who loaned money to Tienda Voluntad de Dios. In turn, Tienda Voluntad de Dios loaned money to Teresa Mory, a small businesswoman who runs a grocery store out of her home in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Teresa will use the loan to buy merchandise for her business. It will also help her with a lunch business that she runs, by allowing her to buy fruits and vegetables in bulk. The total loan that Teresa has taken out is $650.00. The term is six months, with monthly repayments.

I didn’t loan the full $650. I only loaned $50; I’m just one of fifteen people who loaned money through Kiva to help Teresa. Kiva is a microfinance coordinator. People loan money through Kiva and Kiva consolidates those loans and channels them to international organizations that make microloans to individual entrepreneurs. Kiva also provides updates on the status of the loan and the recipient. At the end of the loan term, lenders get the money back and can either withdraw it or re-lend it. No interest. No guarantees of repayment. Just a way for those of us in more privileged positions to feel like we can actually help someone who’s working hard to make a better life under difficult conditions.

Go ahead. Give a little bit.

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