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Days Five – Seven

Not that bad – plus, we have those 2-3 allowed “cheats” per week. So I used one on the yummy polenta underneath my tasty scallops at Jack’s on Friday night. We were pretty good on Saturday, including dinner at the fabulous, low-carb, bbq-fest that is San Soo Gab San. Sunday…well, I only ate about 1/3 of the breakfast potatoes with my egg-white omelet, so do they still count? And, yes, we did order Thai food in – but we ordered it with brown rice, so that’s not that bad, right?

Anyway, Monday comes around, so we’re back to business again. Besides, flexibility is important, otherwise we’ll get annoyed and stop altogether. So it’s the trying that counts.

Also, no more counting days. This is a lifestyle change.

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