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I know I’m not alone.

Uploaded to Flickr by Se´┐Żor Codo.

I know I am not alone in the world. There are other people who are disturbed by depictions of animals dancing merrily to the slaughter. Before you get your carnivorous hackles up, this is not an issue of whether it’s moral or healthy or environmentally responsible to eat meat. This is an issue of whether it’s creepy or gross or nightmare-inducing to see animals inviting you to eat them.*

Suicide Food is a blog that shares this viewpoint. Check them out for an impressive collection of images of animals preparing themselves for your consumption.

One of my favorite window displays in Chicago is at Jake’s (on Montrose). There (as seen in the photo above), the animals don’t actually invite you to eat themselves, instead they sell each other out for consumption, like some kind of barnyard Sopranos scene. Of course, Jake’s also tries to lure customers with not-so-subtle promises of poultry porn. So very, very wrong.

* I also hold deep prejudice against the subset of “eat me” animals who say “eat me” while singing and/or dancing. Shudder!

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