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So It Begins

New Construction

Up until a couple of weeks ago, the vacant lot next to my office building was just an empty plot of land with a couple of trucks on it and a view of the labyrinth below Lake & Stetson streets. No more, apparently. According to this Sun Times article, financing is close enough to target that work has begun on the new Mandarin Oriental Tower. Can I tell you how I dislike the word “oriental?” Although, I suppose I don’t mind as much if it’s applied to things, as opposed to people…

Anyway, this tower is apparently going to be a multi-use, ginormous thing. Hotel, luxury condos, spa, retail space, restaurants…all your basic new construction necessities. It seems as though this neighborhood has now become hot because of the proximity to the lake and Millennium Park. Good for Chicago, I guess, but a sad, sad death knell for my sliver of a view of the lake. Sniff.

Updates here and at my Flickr account as construction progresses.

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