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Heroes of Hair

So, Kittyteef and I are big fans of the TV show, “Heroes.” It is doing its level best to fill the aching, Buffy/Angel-sized hole in my TV-watching heart, and I appreciate that. Have you seen this show? It is excellent. Also, one of the stars is Mr. Natalie Maines.

Anyway, Kittyteef and I were chatting the other day and somehow ended up discussing the awesomeness of a beauty salon run/patronized by the characters of Heroes. It’s a brilliant idea! There could be a Bravo&#153 reality show!

Mirandala: peter petrelli needs a haircut.
kittyteef: maybe scyler can do that
kittyteef: the haircut
kittyteef: what if they all owned a salon
kittyteef: supersalon
Mirandala: yes!
Mirandala: like a beauty school justice league.
kittyteef: hiro could walk around and fix all the whoooopses
kittyteef: nikki and jessica would have to pay 2x as much for their chair
Mirandala: definitely.
kittyteef: jess would be popular for her hack-style dos, though she may occasionally get in trouble for some vigilante shearing on the streets
Mirandala: you wouldn’t have to be too careful with the scissors around the cheerleader
kittyteef: yes – she would have to be the guinea pig. she could be the hair model for the supersalon training school
kittyteef: i wonder if her hair possesses the same qualities
Mirandala: matt would be the most sought-after stylist because he could give you *exactly* the hairstyle you have in your mind

You heard it here first. Best spin-off reality show ever.

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