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Charles Lindbergh, Bob Hope and Reese Witherspoon Slept Here

I am going on a business trip this week—to Wilmington, Delaware. As long as a client is paying for it, the only place to stay in Wilmington is the Hotel du Pont.

I was researching the history of the hotel (mainly to find out the degree of high-speed connectivity) and found out that their advertised triumvirate of guests who have slept there include: Charles Lindbergh, Bob Hope and Reese Witherspoon. And what a curious three-some. Is this meant to appeal to potential guests, aged 15-115? Would I rather stay in a hotel which served Rudolph Valentino, Jack Benny and Eva Longoria? How about Sarah Bernhardt, Edgar Bergen and Freddie Prinze, Jr.? Amelia Earhart, Dorothy Lamour and Wilmer Valderrama? I wonder what the meeting was like to decide upon the three targeted celebrities…

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