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Barbra Streisand concert last night at the United Center (shout out to Courtney!). Excellent show. Barbra still has it – her voice sounded great, the show was, of course, meticulously choreographed and designed, the audience was over-the-moon adoring. Here’s the thing – I do love Barbra. I appreciate her contributions to musical theater, I love her voice (although not so much in the non-belting-higher-register), and I’m totally on board with her politics. Plus, hello people, at this point in her career, she’s a legend. She’s Barbra. That being said – I don’t know that I could ever reach the level of fandom that was exhibited around us last night. Between the multiple standing ovations during the course of the show and the constant sound of gay guys screaming “I love you, Barbra” after each song, the love in the United Center was real. Oprah was there (front row center, of course). Apparently Mayor Daley was there, too. Stedman was not there.

Especially enjoyable – the row of people behind us in the cheap-but-actually-not-really-that-cheap seats. One guy (wearing an alarming blue Cosby sweater!) announced after a particular show stopper, “That. Bitch. Can. Sing!” Also, the woman seated directly behind Courtney and me kept calling people on her cell phone during intermission to tell them, “I’m at the Streisand show…I know!…I can’t stop crying!!!” As if to reinforce the importance of the evening, another lady leaned over to say, in wonderment, “And she doesn’t have to do this for us!”

So, um, thanks, Barbra. You didn’t have to do it for us (although I’m sure the $100-$750 per seat helped to ease the pain). And it was great. Viva la Streisand.

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