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Color us excited! (in a should-be-ashamed-but-have-decided-not-to-be-ashamed-cuz- this-show-is-totally-awesome way)

UPDATE: The show was awesome! Totally satisfying. We are happy SYTYCD viewers today – although we are also deafer from the endless screaming of 12-year-old girls. And we are weirded out by the fact that the front row of the theater was filled with 45-year-old mom-types. Also, we were totally creeped out by the stout middle-aged man in front of us who had an unnatural enthusiasm for any dance routines performed by Benji…seriously – he was screaming like a 12-year-old girl, too. Eek.

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  1. collene | September 25, 2006 at 12:13 pm | Permalink

    Truly, the SYTYCD 2006 Tour was everything I imagined and more. The more being all of the 40-50 somethings conspicuously without children. I also love that we almost ended up at Disney on Ice when we went to the wrong Rosemont Theatre. It was a hott night in Rosemont, that’s for sure.

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