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I’m Feeling Grateful, For the Small Things Today

Flashback to Thursday.

Perhaps it was the return of sunshine after a few dreary days of rain or my magical ride on the bus of stylish butch girls but I started Thursday off with a big smile on my face. I was still smiling as I got off the bus (only a half hour late for work) and stood waiting to cross Michigan Ave. As I casually glanced around, I noticed I was in the presence of additional beautiful women (I will be the first to admit, I can be quite shallow). So, I am perhaps “checking them out” when my line of sight stalls at something a bit out of place. As I zoom in on the posterior region of my target, I notice something “not quite right” at the beltline of her form-fitting pants. It appeared her snap crotch panties were not only unsnapped, but hanging out over the back of her pants! So my question is, if you were me, would you tap her on the shoulder and mention this discrepancy? Or, just go about your business?

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