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File under, WTF!

Disclaimer: I had a few cocktails this afternoon.
So, I am sitting here watching some freak-ass show on TLC and once again, the Bionic Woman is onscreen pimping the sleep number bed. Seriously, WTF, Lindsay Wagner, didn’t you make enough money as TV’s bionic woman, who IMHO was totally hott, to avoid having to sell crap on TV? I mean seriously, even Danny Partridge seems to have managed to escape with enough dignity to keep from having to promote crap on TV. Lindsay, maybe you should lower your dose before you deliver the not-so-convincing “gives you more stamina during the day” statement, or more seriously, maybe if you delivered more stamina at bedtime you could get some sleep without dialing it in and not have to buy a sleep number bed. That is all. Thank you.

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