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And the Winner is…

Okay, you can stop refreshing your screen…we are here to announce the winners of the Third Annual Pride Weekend Scavenger Hunt!!!

The judges were impressed and quite often amused with the submissions by the four teams. Congratulations to all who participated!! We wish we could make you all winners, but there can be only one recipient of the SCAVENGER HUNT 2006 CUP!

First Place (64 Points):

Collene, Laura and JB

Second Place (49 Points):

Jess and Lizzie

Third Place (48 Points):

Karen and Carol

Fourth Place (37 Points):

Jenny and Christine a.k.a. “The Sisters Clark”

For a photo montage of the items collected, please check out our gallery. Items not to miss in the gallery: Attend a softball game in a ballgown, Work out at Cheetah Gym in heels, Completely cover a (non-toy) car in post-its, a picture of you with Mr. Sulu and (for you LOST fans), submit a Figurine of the Virgin Mary filled with contraband.

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