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So, a while ago I got a message from the people at Schmap saying that they were picking a bunch of my photos from our Philly trip to include in Schmap’s guide to Philadelphia. Color me a) confused; and b) flattered.

Anyway – Schmap is actually a nifty little widget-y thing that offers downloadable city maps (you’ve got to also download their player, too) that are interactive, have actual photos of landmarks, and include links to all sorts of city locations, from tourist traps to bars. Not a bad thing. I haven’t used it yet to explore a new city, but I can see trying it in the future as they have a number of city guides for both the US and Europe, with lots more scheduled for release soon. The existing guides are updated every 3-6 months, depending on how fast-moving the locations are. Check it out over on the sidebar.

Also, apparently the next release of the player will let you create your own travel maps/guides with your own photos, etc. That could be pretty cool.

To sum up: 1) Schmap: nifty; 2) They liked our photos! – i.e., excellent taste; 3) v. cool idea that could get even better as they add and update new content.

Over and out, people.

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  1. ee | July 1, 2006 at 3:31 pm | Permalink

    They used a couple of my Chicago photos for their Chicago stuff too. Quite nice!

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