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Spam and Eggs

Announcement: If you have commented in the past couple of weeks and your comment hasn’t shown up, it may be because it has been caught in the blog spam filter and I have just deleted it. Why? Because the blog has been slammed recently by spammers – to the tune of 500+ spam comments per day – and I just don’t have the patience to read through them all to find legitimate comments. Sorry! Keep trying and if your comment seems caught somewhere, e-mail me and I’ll make sure it gets through.

Also, what’s up with spammers now? They’re no longer content to leave weird comments about their prurient trades or various games of chance, now they leave comments like “LibraryGirlÂ’s The Secret Life of Librarygirl.” WTF? Am I supposed to be fooled by a comment about LibraryGirl only to click on LibraryGirl’s url and be led directly into some sort of underage knee fetish site? Who are these people?!

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