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My people rise again. Except when they fall.

It was an exciting night for my people* in Reality TV last night.

Project Runway: Chloe Dao wins! Yay! She had great execution and design throughout the competition and her final line for Fashion Week was polished and really seemed to be au courant (channeling Tim Gunn there). Plus she has a great backstory (can you say Laotian refugee camp?) and is already an accomplished and successful businesswoman.

Top Chef: Lee Ann Wong is my girl. She’s executive chef of event operations for The French Culinary Institute in New York City (credentials, people) and the girl can cook. Plus she seems nice and like she has a sense of humor – but with the strength and stamina to survive the line in a busy kitchen. Also, the show itself looks like it will be fun to watch – not only do I loves me some cooking shows, but they sent the obvious asshole home first, so I have high hopes that it will be less artificial drama, more nifty cooking.

America’s Next Top Model: Sadly, there is a bit of bruised fruit in every bushel. Gina is an idiot. She be bringing my people down, yo. Dude, if you can’t hold your champagne, don’t drink.

* And when I say “my people,” I mean Asian people. Of course not everyone is Korean – but Asians usually get lumped together by non-Asian cultures (no matter the country of origin or length of time in the US), so I feel a certain solidarity with all people of Asian descent. Dammit. (Ever notice how when someone does well, it’s all “Korean-American so and so” or “Japanese-American so and so” or “Chinese American so and so” but when someone screws up it’s always “Asian-American so and so?” What up with that? Also, do not ever use the phrase “DWA: Driving While Asian” in my presence. It’s not funny. It’s denigrating and bigoted and proves that you’re a complete and total racist asshat. Thank you. This has been a PSA.))

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  1. MOLT | March 9, 2006 at 9:32 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the PSA.

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