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Squirl Song

Because KP asked me to post it, and with half-hearted apologies to William Blake…

Skwirrel, squirl, scuttling hard
across the porch in my back yard.
Is it trash day? Do you sniff
thrown-out stir fry, dried-out Jiff?

Skwirrel, squirl, do not chew
holes in trash bags, through and through.
Do not strew across the deck
Moldy bread crusts, stale mixed Chex.

Skwirrel, squirl, taunt me not.
Think twice before my wrath you wrought.
I may not run as though still young,
but my lacrosse stick I still own…

Skwirrel, squirl, watch you fly!
Through the air! O’er telephone wires!
One good scoop and one good throw –
God bless you, LAX stick! Squirl no mo’!!

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