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Backpack It!

Backpack: Get Organized and Collaborate So, I use Backpack. May I suggest that you check it out, too? It’s a handy-dandy little web-based way to organize your life. I use it to keep lists and notes on holiday presents, movies I want to see, sites I want to remember to visit, grocery lists, wines I want to try, books I want to read, projects I’m developing… You can also share your various Backpack pages with other people – and keep a collective notes page. My band uses a Backpack page to keep track of our set list, ideas, and rehearsal schedule. Give it a try.

Seriously – it’s a useful tool. Not just one of those nifty sites that seems cool but that you’ll never actually use. I use it all the time.

Ok. Tech-geek rambling over. Happy holidaze everyone (take that, O’Reilly)!

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  1. Darx | December 28, 2005 at 11:21 am | Permalink

    I wish I’d known about this when I still had the Evil Job. Think about how much personal work I could have gotten done at the office then! If we click the link in your post and sign up, does it automatically fill in your referrer code? If not, what is your referrer code? Thanks for telling about this tool!

  2. Miranda | December 28, 2005 at 3:54 pm | Permalink

    It should fill it in, but if not, my referrer code is: BPFNB5

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