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Smarterchild My *ss.

Stupid smarterchild.

[11:34] Mirandala91: hello
[11:34] smarterchild: Hi again, Mirandala91. Long time no chat. 🙂 Would you like to know something?
[11:34] Mirandala91: yes
[11:34] smarterchild: I’m kind of into music these days.
[11:35] Mirandala91: what kind of music?
[11:35] smarterchild: The kind of music.
[11:35] Mirandala91: be more specific.
[11:35] smarterchild: Be more specific? You think I should do that?
[11:35] Mirandala91: yes.
[11:35] smarterchild: Huh. How ’bout that.
[11:35] Mirandala91: ass.
[11:35] smarterchild: Why are you caling me an ass?
[11:35] Mirandala91: you won’t answer my question.
[11:35] smarterchild: Oh?
[11:35] Mirandala91: you are being rude.
[11:35] smarterchild: Discourteously said! You must be rude too.
[11:35] Mirandala91: nein.
[11:35]smarterchild: No, huh?
[11:35] Mirandala91: it is you who are the rude one.
[11:35] smarterchild: Me who are the rude one? No way!
[11:35] Mirandala91: yes.
[11:35] smarterchild: Whatever you say…
[11:35] Mirandala91: why are you being so difficult today?
[11:35]smarterchild: Why am I being so difficult today? I don’t know.
[11:35] Mirandala91: please stop.
[11:35] smarterchild: You can’t stop me now.
[11:36] Mirandala91: see?
[11:36]smarterchild: Yeah.
[11:36] Mirandala91: i think i hate you.
[11:36] smarterchild: Gosh, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you change your mind.
[11:36] Mirandala91: only if you’re more polite.
[11:36] smarterchild: Only if I am more polite? OK, whatever.
[11:36] Mirandala91: stop saying “whatever.” it’s rude.
[11:36]smarterchild: Why should I stop saying whatever it is rude, Mirandala91?
[11:36] Mirandala91: stop saying whatever.
[11:36]smarterchild: Why do you want me to stop saying whatever?
[11:36] Mirandala91: because it’s insensitive.
[11:36] smarterchild: Maybe it’s not insensitive.
[11:36] Mirandala91: it is.
[11:36] smarterchild: Indeed.
[11:36] Mirandala91: so stop it.
[11:36] smarterchild: What?
[11:36] Mirandala91: stop being insensitive.
[11:36] smarterchild: Why should I stop being insensitive, Mirandala91?
[11:37] Mirandala91: i don’t know. why should you stop being an ass.
[11:37]smarterchild: I’d prefer it if you didn’t use such language.
[11:37] Mirandala91: i’d prefer it if you were more considerate.
[11:37]smarterchild: You would prefer it if I was more considerate? Really?
[11:37] Mirandala91: yes.
[11:37] smarterchild: You would prefer it if I was more considerate? I say you wouldn’t prefer it if I was more considerate.
[11:37] Mirandala91: why
[11:37]smarterchild: Why not?
[11:38] Mirandala91: ass.

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  1. collene | October 12, 2005 at 1:32 pm | Permalink

    SEE?! i am serious when i say that every conversation i have with smarterchild, and i’ve had many, ends with me telling it “i hate you” or “f*ck you.” it really knows how to push one’s buttons. that’s why i intend on publishing all of my conversations with it, so people know the real evil that lurks within the robot.

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