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Poncho Day!!!

In case you weren’t aware, today is Poncho Day on Martha Stewart’s new talk show. Poncho Day!! To be precise, it was the poncho that Martha’s prison friend made her as a parting/release-from-detention gift. Everyone gets a Prison Poncho!! The crew! The cameraman! The audience!! Ponchos are delightful for obese children! Elmo loves ponchos! Martha’s French Bulldog, Francesca, loves ponchos!

Later on the show Martha showed the studio audience and the audience at home how to make nutritious, delicious food from ingredients that are available at the prison store! Baked apples, crab apple jelly (until she got into trouble for having contraband), individual nachos, open-faced cheese and wilted field green sandwiches… Martha’s so resourceful! Prison sounds like fun!

Collene has declared Martha’s show to be her new favorite show ever!

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