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Honky Tonk Gal

Ok, so you know how I’ve been on this insane country music kick? You’re thinking that this is where I tell you that I’ve gotten over it and I’m back to quirky, under-appreciated rock and electronica, right? So wrong, my friend. Apparently I’ve gone over the edge. But I’m taking you with me.

We know how fond I am of Terri Clark. (Terri Free Tip No. 2: When the video director tells you to “Dance!” – please do not break into Stirring the Pot of Love) Yes, Terri’s talented. Rocks on the guitar. Nice songwriting. The new album is a winner. But if you think she’s the only girl hat act around, well, you’re wrong. Wrong like a gold lam? blouse paired with corduroy pants. Wrong like Lara Flynn Boyle’s Golden Globe stylist. Wrong like an Evening of Song with William Shatner. Wrong like…well, you get the picture.

Anyway, may I suggest that you turn your head in Danni Leigh’s direction:

This hat act hails from Strasburg, VA (mere minutes away from Patsy Cline’s hometown of Winchester, VA). Released her first album in 1998 on Decca (Patsy’s old label). But then, ’cause life sucks sometimes, Decca folded right before the album’s radio release, and although MCA picked up a lot of contracts from Decca, they didn’t pick up Leigh’s. Back to the mines. Signed with Monument Records (Sony division). Dropped by Monument Records. Eventually released A Shot of Whiskey and a Prayer in 2001, with no label promotion. Finally signed with Audium Entertainment in 2001 and recently released Divide and Conquer. So much for the easy road to country stardom…

But here’s what you need to know: Danni Leigh’s got a voice. A honky-tonk, barroom, longnecks and cigarettes voice. She’s got a commitment to country, not country-crossover. Hell, right now, she’s even got a record label… And these are good songs. Good tear-in-your-beer/get-outta-here songs. Can’t get enough of those, in my opinion. So head over to Amazon, darlin’ and give the girl a listen.

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