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Talkin’ Bout a Revolution

Ok. We here at gave ourselves through this past weekend to grieve and curse and throw our George W. Bush action figure across the room at the wall (again and again), but now it’s time to get off our blue-state asses and do something. Anything. Either more of what we’ve been doing (’cause clearly it wasn’t enough) or just something completely new (’cause clearly what we’ve been doing hasn’t exactly worked). But something. Anything. We’ve been thinking about this a lot the last couple days.

And here’s what we think: we’ll never be as organized as the far-right – they’ve got fanaticism on their side. They’re used to marching in lock-step and failure is not an option for them. When they lose a political race you don’t hear them pledging to move to Canada – they just regroup and fight harder. Opposition brings them closer together and, throughout, they keep their eyes on the prize. Behold the power of religious fervor. This is not to say that everyone who voted for Bush is a zealot and it’s not to say that the Democrats are all woefully unorganized. But let’s get serious for a moment – we Democrats could learn something from the zealots. We could learn that election season is only game-time. We can’t just show up for the game and expect to win – we have to go to practice. The 2008 presidential race starts now. Don’t move to Canada. Stay here and fight. The world won’t get better if you drop out and set up shop in Manitoba.

To help us all figure out exactly how we’re going to turn this all around, we’re starting a resource page here on the site. Use it to get involved and educate yourself about the options. It’s a little light on content right now, but we’ll keep adding to it as we find new information. Send us your links & ideas, too (send ’em to revolution [at] mirandala [dot] org). Let’s build the world we want.

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