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It’s Okay to Wonder Why But Don’t Expect to Understand Your Life

Great show on Friday at the Double Door by K’s Choice. It’s been a while since K’s Choice has toured the States – they’re doing a quick run now as part of the Yellow Umbrella Tour (raising money to help fight cervical cancer). Opening acts: Jen Foster, who’s really really great, and Skills of Ortega – also good, but their name makes me think of tacos.

Anyway – K’s Choice is a Belgian band featuring Sarah and Gert Bettens, an awesome sister-brother band that manages to be insanely talented and fun without that creepy Carpenters vibe. The band just put out a 10-year anniversary DVD and CD and is touring in support of it. This could be a rare final glimpse at K’s Choice, however, as both Gert and Sarah have been working on solo projects (Sarah’s first solo album, Go, is really good) and plan to keep doing that after this tour is over – which is sad because the band is so good live. The albums are great – and nicely produced in a way that shows off Sarah’s excellent folk-rock voice – but onstage this group just really kicks ass. Seriously rocking (and definitely helped by the awesome Brady Blade on drums).

[Sarah Bettens lyrics = 1]

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