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I Would Be Foolish to Think That I Could Turn It Off and Stay Alive

Denver Botanic Gardens, July 2004

2003: 2 shows.
2004: 8 shows.
2005: ???

Last night’s show at the Pabst Theater – awesome. Way better than Saturday night’s show in Joliet (mostly because of the audience energy level).

Highlights include: Playing the ‘Would You Rather’ game in the car. 7th show of the year w/ Spike. Girlyman! The Girlyman blessing. Nate’s hair less Munster-ish. Amy’s bangs less bowl-cuttish. Both girls kind of chatty. “Soon to Be Nothing.” (You tell me it’s temporary it’s a matter of time/By God don’t you think I know it’s in my mind) “Rodeo.” Girlyman accompanying on “Perfect World.” Connie from Mrs. Fun – and her tambourine! Daemon group hugs on stage. Getting a pick after the show. Drunk girls in Jeeps singing Emily songs like Céline Dion. Truck stops with showers.

Greatest hits from the ‘Would You Rather’ game: 1) You’re hungover. Would you rather have nothing to eat but chips and crackers all day (and you can’t drink anything) or have a full Thanksgiving dinner where you can drink, but you also have to eat three entire pies? 2) Would you rather be dragged around a racetrack twice by a horse or have to lie down on the track and be run over by 10 horses just once? 3) Would you rather not be friends with either of the Indigo Girls or be friends with just one Indigo Girl – but know that the other Indigo Girl hates you? 4) Would you rather be stuck in a room full of non-poisonous garden snakes or a room full of non-poisonous spiders? 5) Would you rather be buddies with the Indigo Girls (Superbowl parties with Emily! Hikes in the woods with Amy!) or be in their band but just have a cordial relationship with them? 6) Would you rather have your band be signed by Daemon Records but then dumped off the label a year later or never be signed by Daemon at all?

Ah. Good times.

[Indigo Girls lyrics = 74]

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  1. mike | October 19, 2004 at 1:06 pm | Permalink

    i’m still sticking with the pies
    note to self: do not drink large amounts of water while playing would you rather in a closed vehicle

  2. LD | October 20, 2004 at 2:27 am | Permalink

    Oh my god I forgot about the drunk jeep girls, ha ha…parking lot entertainment! betsy, are you mike?
    ……I’m still chuckling about the one where amy drops by your gig on a bad night!

  3. spike | October 20, 2004 at 2:01 pm | Permalink

    it was great seeing y’all again! i am seriously hoping that someone booted milwaukee. i want boots of all three of them, but especially milwaukee. thanks again for giving us directions to the venue. hee hee…

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