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Damn Yankees (or, c’mon, Red Sox, you are our only hope…)

Did I ever mention that I dislike the Yankees?

I am been rooting for the Red Sox throughout the ALCS. With the addition of the Wild Card team in the playoffs, the Red Sox and Yankees again have the opportunity to play one another in the pennant race. I believe that the Wild Card concept is fair, as the American League East has been the hardest league in baseball.. Or at least it was. But in a series where we are to see the best match-ups Major League Baseball has to offer, Game Three between the Sox/Yankees match-up provided a Bad News Bears-esque 19-8 final score. A Fall classic it was not. I quote from John Donovan’s article on CNN-SI.

How can you possibly explain away a game with more hits (37) than any postseason game ever? Any World Series game, any League Championship game, any Division Series game. Ever!

That the pitching was … well, bad? Well, yeah. Neither starting pitcher lasted an out into the third inning. Boston starter Bronson Arroyo’s first 30 pitches resulted in one out.

Ten pitchers climbed onto the mound at Fenway Park on Saturday to throw a total of 412 pitches in a game that lasted four hours and 20 minutes, the longest (and, without a doubt, the most painful) postseason game in the history of baseball.

As I type this post, I am watching them on their way, I can only assume, to losing the 4th in a row, giving the Yankees a clean sweep on the way to Houston or St. Louis and more days of rest before the World Series begins.

I would like to send out a plea to one of my heroes, Doris Kearns Goodwin. We need her perspective on this horrific LCS and the state of baseball in general. Does this series epitomize what is wrong with the American Pasttime, or is it a fluke? Is the Dream Team of the Yankees making the rest of baseball boring because New York can afford the best roster? This season saw their 25-man roster receive $176,332,553. I dislike the Yankees with a passion, but respect the team they are. But I still want them to lose.

I say Anybody But Bush and Any Team But the Yankees.

NEWS FLASH: Red Sox still alive! A nail biter in Game Four keeps the Sox contenders. They had better get some sleep—Game Five starts at 5pm EDT Monday…

p.s. For the record, I do like the new Diamond Cam angle on Fox…

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