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The Way Back Machine

It seems like yesterday...
Like everything else in the technological arena, the internet is a constantly and quickly evolving medium. You don’t necessarily notice the changes from day to day, but there’s always a new link, a new plugin which helps one to search, download and utilize the vast amount of information which is posted on the web. So, if you’re curious and have the time (and, presumably, since you’re a reader of, you do have some time to surf) I have just the tool to help you remember and reflect. I present The Way Back Machine. Type in any URL and see what the site looked like from years ago…want to know what The Baltimore Orioles did on July 8, 2000? Check out the Internet Archive. And bookmark the site. It will call to you and you will go back. Again and again.

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  1. stacy | September 24, 2004 at 6:58 pm | Permalink

    man, i hate and love that website. i made them delete all my ghetto posts from 2000 (and earlier) because… they were embarrassing!

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