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jay and betsy at the fest

This entry brought to you by Betsy.

Okay, I think I am almost able to form a coherent sentence about Michigan but my coherence is generally in question these days to begin with so keep your fingers crossed. In case you didn’t pick up on this small fact before I left for the promised land I was pretty much planning to be at least partially naked the whole time! Well, Mother Nature had a different plan. A plan which involved thermal underwear and a rain poncho for the better part of the week. I was a little prepared for the rain as my partner in this adventure had me all excited on the drive up with the prospect of playing fun games like naked mud volleyball and freeze tag. Let me tell you though, rain and cold do not equal naked. At least not the kind of naked you really want to get involved with. The naked people during the early part of the week most definitely sleep on iceburgs and eat ice cubes when they are not at the fest. Also, and I know this is one of the areas in which I could improve, it is really hard to get play when you are wearing a rain poncho and in survival mode. But alas, on Friday the sun came out and the shirts were off. Hallelujiah!
So now, we are in the at least partially naked part of the week (at least during the day time) at night I was still burrowed into my sleeping bag like a hibernating bear. Here is a list of the things I enjoyed most at the fest (I was going to say in no particular order but I would be lying):
1. The showers
2. The spontaneous howling on Sunday night
3. The femme parade
4. All my new friends from Atlanta (hey y’all) and all my other neighbors on Labia Lane
5. Getting my toenails painted
6. Napping several times every day (not much different than my regular schedule but with the accompaniment of AFRICAN DRUMMING!)
7. Some girl named Cinnamon at the fire pit
8. Being Glittery!
Other items of note, we brought a lot of stuff. I am sure we will bring just as much stuff next year only it will all be nice and neat and in rubbermaid storage containers. I learned a few important things like if the lid is up in the Porta-Jane do not enter! Also, you can never have enough beer. We did a beer run on Thursday in under two hours which was both impressive and much appreciated. Also, next year we will try much harder to arrive before dark as night blindness and setting up a tent do not go hand in hand. I had a blast in spite of the weather and plan to attend for many years to come (although if you ever catch me in a late night rap session in the Over-40s pavillion, please feel free to knock some sense into me in the kindest possible way). (In case you are wondering, I am typing this wearing only a pair of boxer briefs and a generous coating of purple glitter) See you next August!

[Indigo Girls lyrics = 70]

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  1. Miranda | August 25, 2004 at 8:51 am | Permalink

    What if you’re found in the over-40’s tent wearing only boxer briefs and a generous coating of purple glitter? Should tough love be administered?

  2. betsy | August 25, 2004 at 10:00 am | Permalink

    unless the aforementioned requirements are met AND i am in the company of frances and angelina

  3. Miranda | August 25, 2004 at 10:37 am | Permalink

    BOTH Frances and Angelina? You really don’t want to be in the over-40 tent, do you…

  4. karen | August 25, 2004 at 1:14 pm | Permalink

    Oh for cryin’ out loud…the bottom of the photo’s cropped!

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