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Once in a Very Blue Moon

Seems taller in person... In case you hadn’t noticed, the staff of has been away on a business the past few days. We’re always working for you, people. Where did we go? Hey, thanks for asking. We flew out to (mostly) sunny Colorado so that we could engage in one of our favorite activities: waiting in line for an Indigo Girls concert. Two concerts, to be precise. The first concert (at the Denver Botanic Gardens) was pretty darn close to perfect. The second concert (at Mishawaka “Ampitheater”) was also unforgettable – although for both good and bad reasons. Do we have stories to tell? Of course we do. Will we tell them here? Well, it could happen, I suppose, but in the meantime, how about you just take a gander at this photo slideshow instead. *

[It’ll take a while for the photos to load, so I suggest you just leave the page up and come back to it in about 40 sec – 1 min.]

* All I’ll say for now is that you should never (never!) combine a toothless woman, her underaged-girl/boy lover, one David Crosby look-a-like venue owner, one restaurant staffed by dreadlocked commune members, hundreds of angry Indigo Girls fans, and a blue moon. Seriously. Don’t do it.

[Nanci Griffith lyrics = 1]

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