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corn smut

this was not next to my bed
If you’re looking for some good, clean fun this weekend, consider a Sunday drive to Madison, WI for the First Annual Huitlacoche Festival. What is Huitlacoche (weet-la-GO-chay) you might be asking? It’s a fungus that grows on corn. It’s considered a delicacy and sells for like 20 bucks a pound. It has even been featured on this guy’s cooking show (although if my mouth is watering, I’m probably watching Nigella). If your next question is, what does this have to do with Betsy, won’t she be busy getting ready for michigan on Sunday, doesn’t she have socks to darn? The answer to that is, I am a member of the West African drumming group diamana diya and we are the featured performers at the Huitlacoche Festival. After our performance, we will be treated to all the corn fungus we can eat. They have set some aside just for us and I already know one of my fellow drummers doesn’t want anything to do with corn smut so that is just more for me! So go ahead, come up and watch our performance, try the corn smut, support Troy Gardens a woman-run farm that raises food for low-income families.

12 days until michigan I hope I still have time to call my Avon lady for some Skin-So-Soft.

mimi smartypants makes me feel the need to wear depends undergarments every time i read her blog

I saw the Bourne Supremacy last night, this is my new girlfriend
(you can thank me for sharing later)

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