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And you can’t call me you’ll just have to come, cuz I won’t have a phone

camping is fun!
Let the countdown officially begin. Yes, two weeks from today I will be on the road to my first michigan, a.k.a. the land, a.k.a. lesbian mecca (or as someone I know likes to call it “the week of living in filth,” again, might I add my own “yes, please!”). I’m trying not to get overexcited but really can’t help it so I decided the best course of action for my overactive brain would be to have a little pre-fest activity every day. I figure if I can occupy myself and stay in the moment instead of wildly anticipating frolicking half naked in the woods with 3,000 women, listening to music, sunning parts of myself that have not seen the sun since I was unwilling to toilet myself (well, except for that one time in Jamaica. . .)
Anyway, back in the moment, today I thought I would make a gear list to be sure I have everything I need. I think I have all the basics covered, 10-person, 4-room tent already broken in as shown in today’s photo; sleeping bag; queen-size air mattress; remote control lantern (I am seriously night blind, so if you find me wandering around in the woods late at night, please feel free to offer assistance or invite me back to your tent); cargo shorts; yep, I think that about does it for basics.
So now it’s time to think about the little extras that might make the fest just that much more fun for me. Let’s see, what else might I need, well of course, there’s this, and these, and the drawerful of safe sex supplies I got just for being at the Dyke March, plenty of sunscreen, some LemonZest LunaBars, my guitar, plenty of D-batteries (for the lantern and air mattress, thank you!), cooler full of Mike’s (well I’m pretty sure I can bring that, I know Mike isn’t a womyn born womyn but there is also the issue of my own inner 17-year-0ld boy mike (a.k.a. the objectifier of women) but that is a story for an entirely different post that will involve cheerleader skirts and giggling, okay, okay, back to my original topic, what was my topic?. . .

[Bitch and Animal lyrics = 1]

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