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Oooh yeah, all you want is me

yum! I thought I would take a moment to formally introduce myself to the vast and mighty readership of My name is Betsy and I’m half of the winning pride weekend scavenger hunt team of Barb and Betsy. Here are ten facts about me:

Favorite Color: Orange (although almost everything in my apartment is red)
Favorite Music: Indigo Girls, Tegan & Sara, Ani DiFranco, Bitch and Animal, Butchies
Hometown: Elkhart, Indiana
Worst Job: Ice Cream Bike Driver
Indulgences: Fresh Flowers, lush, really good chocolate, nice sheets
Current Top Five: Angelina Jolie, Shane and Marina (tie), Amy Ray, Frances Mc Dormand, Jennifer Garner
Current Pet Peeve: People who leave the Ass Master (a.k.a. hip abducter) wide open at the gym (honey, I’d be proud of the ability to spread my legs far enough to circle you and three of your friends too, but unless you are spreading them for my personal benefit somewhere other than the second floor of Cheetah, please put the machine back to a position that will not lead to a nun taking a ruler to my knuckles)
Day Job/Dream Job: cube farmer/rock star
Favorite Cities: Vancouver, Rome, Tokyo
Motto: Live fearlessly

Send me a comment if you want to know more, it’s late and I’m sleepy and possibly not offering the most for your blog reading dollar. I will try to do better tomorrow.

[Tegan & Sara Lyrics = 1]

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