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Live Through This

Miranda here: Below you will find Betsy’s first blog post (Hi Betsy!). As you may recall, Betsy & Barb were the winners of the Fabulous Prize Package from last month’s Scavenger Hunt. One of the prizes was 2 weeks of uncensored blogging privileges here at Today Betsy has been proactive enough to give us all a preview of her blog-time. After a little training, she’ll be up and running and you’ll be treated to more Betsy-created posts. Welcome!

Betsy says:

This is a public service announcement.

So, faced with the impending prospect of living in my car, which I love almost as much as my special bedside friend, I decided to break away from my busy schedule of napping and going to the gym to visit my friendly neighborhood print center. I had some stuff to scan for a freelance project. After checking in and getting my own personal access card I commenced scanning. Now, I will be the first to admit, I am easily distracted and usually wear a pair of headphones the size of a large grapefruit when at my usual gig in the cube farm, but the music being played over the sound system at the print center almost caused me multiple organ failure. Yes, it was Lite FM. I mean, do people really listen to this ALL DAY LONG? Here is a selection of some of the songs I heard this morning: Abba – Take A Chance on Me, Eddie Murphy – Party All The Time (okay I WILL admit that I once owned this on a 45 but it was the ’80’s and my judgment was chemically altered most of the time), Solid As A Rock, Drift Away (Give me the beat boyz), The Man From Galilee. I think you get the idea. My point here is, iPod, don’t leave home without it! I think I will go to the gym now.

Looking forward to my two weeks of guest blogging privileges!

[Courtney Love lyrics = 2]

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