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My first attempt at a post with the new system…testing…testing…1…2..3…4…going to try and post a picture but I may need to read up on the Word Press blogging software. I am NOT a manual or instruction reader unless I’m totally stuck…I much prefer to teach myself through trial and error…so please bear with me…

Just got back to Dallas after 36 hours in Chicago. More than worth the whirlwind trip to achieve that mental (and physical) separation from Texas…though the outbound flight took 9 hours(ugh!) presumably due to the chancy weather in Chicago these days…there’s just not a lot to do at DFW except drink Shiner Bock…longest cab line in the history of the world at O’Hare at 2am Friday night…about 400 people.

This picture is my hotel in Dallas, The Hyatt by the Reunion Arena. I saw Bette Midler here during her ‘Divine Miss Millenium’ tour. Have a great coffee mug from that concert. I think the hotel looks like it belongs on the strip in Vegas…if they just place a roller coaster outside it would be a cross between New York New York and Mandalay Bay. The Hyatt shimmers in the sunlight just like Mandalay Bay does.

Okay, I will have to read up on posting images…so here’s a link to what the hotel looks like…

Hyatt Dallas

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