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Friday I’m In Love

Which blog-entry should really be renamed “Friday I’m in L’Ennui.” Here we go. It’ll be over soon, so just lie back and think of England.

Ice Cube’s Friday: He’s bout hard as Darth Vada/in his sweat shirt, khakis and Chuck Taylors./Just see him in the drive way/gettin beat like a smoka fool ‘cuz it’s Friday.

Suzy Quattro’s Friday: Friday gotta find a lover/Her evil eyes are on you, boy/It promises to be a nightime/Of uninturrupted joy…joy…joy/What’s she doing/Who’s she screwing/Leave it up to Friday.

R. Kelly’s Thank God It’s Friday: Take some time out for yourself/And let this Friday get to you/Disco nights, party lights/It’s all good for me

Hall & Oates Friday Let Me Down: Weekend comes I try again/I hear the same recording/Hasn’t changed/”I’m not at home right now. Leave your name and I will call you.”/Friday let me down tonight.

The Replacements Love You Till Friday: Some girls are a pain in my life/When they try to be my wife/So some may come and some may go/’round each night (I’ll decide?)/Just don’t try to be my wife/Oh no, I’ll call you on friday/I’ll call you on saturday/I’ll love you till friday

[Cure lyrics = 1]

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